Review – Scythe

 Title: Scythe

Author: Neal Shusterman

Format: Paperback

Publisher: WalkerBooks

Page count: 443

Release day: November 22nd 2016

Series: Arc of a scythe #1

Rating: 5 stars


What is it about?

In a world were there are no diseases, no hunger and no war, there even is no death, the population must be controlled. This is done by Scythes, they decide who dies and kill them.

In this book we follow Citra and Rowan, two scythe apprentices, as they learn the art of being a scythe. Which is not only killing, but also making the decision who has to die.


What I thought:

Describing this book is so hard..

Because HOLY CRAP this book is freaking amazing!!

I absolutely loved this book from page 1, I could not stop reading at all. I just love books about schools or apprenticeship.

I had ideas about what was going to happen, but I kept being wrong which of course was good!

The concept of this world is so interesting but also really scary. Like everyone is practically immortal if it wasn’t for the scythes. That idea is just really weird.

I need to read more from Neal Shusterman since his writing is absolutely amazing! I’m happy that I already own Thunderhead, because I really need to read it soon!

Why is it always so hard to tell why a book is amazing?

The characters were great, there development was great, the world was fantastic, everything was just amazing. This book will definitely be on my favourites of the year list! And everyone should read it!


Advise for:

If it was not clear: Everyone! No but seriously this book is fantastic!

I think this is a great book for people who, like me, enjoy kind of school themed books.


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