Review – Sleeping giants!

Title: Sleeping giants

Author: Sylvain Neuvel

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Full cast

Publisher: Del Rey

Publisher audiobook: Penguin books Ltd

Page count: 256 (8hours and 27minutes)

Release day: April 26th 2016

Series: Themis files #1

Rating: 5 stars


What is it about?

A couple of years ago a huge metal hand is found, and the weird thing is that according to the measurements it should have been there for around 3000 years. Which is not possible because someone should have found it earlier, and also the technology was not so good back then.

A research group starts looking into it and slowly finding the other body parts. They try to figure out how and why those parts are on earth, who put them there, what their message is and how this body works.

And besides there are all these dynamics between the characters. The story is being told after it happened in the way of interviews and diary entries.

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What I thought:

First of all, the cover is gorgeous!

I really liked the start of this book, it immediately grabs your attention. You are immediately thrown into the story! All the characters are really interesting, and I really like they all have flaws like ‘real’ people. I really felt for all the characters and wanted to learn more about them!

I really love the concept of this book, learning what has happened through interviews. With every interview you learn a little bit more about the characters, and you also slowly learn more about this weird thing happening on earth.

Also I feel like I still don’t know the interviewer, he is so vague and I want to learn more!

The audiobook is amazing, it is a really good way for consuming this story in my opinion! It makes it feel as if you’re really listening to these interviews. And the full cast really helps distinguish the characters.

THE EPILOGUE! I need to listen to the next book really soon! I couldn’t do it right away, because the app I use is really annoying if two people are listening to the same book, and my brother was listening as well haha!

Listening to this book really reminded me that I should read more sci-fi books!

Please everyone read this book it’s amazing!


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