Review – Take back the skies

Title: Take back the skies

Author: Lucy Saxon

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Page count: 375

Release day: June 5th 2014

Series: Tellus #1

Rating: 4 stars


What is it about?

Catherine Hunter, the daughter of a coverment official, escapes her luxurious life because she does not want to marry a government brat. She pretends to be a boy who is escaping the Collections, and hides on the skyship Stormdancer. When they fly away from the island Catherine learns more about what is really going on in the world. And there are way more secrets in the world then she had expected.


What I thought:

I bought this book for really cheap on a book fair, really loved the cover and the summary on the back, but never started reading it. Later I read the reviews on GoodReads, which were not good at all, so I did not really feel the need to read it. But I like to read books that are on my TBR for long, so I finally decided to read this, while I had no idea what it was about!

I thought this book was really original, had and interesting concept and a good developed world!

I really loved the crew of the skyship! The relation between Fox and Cat was really weird though.. First they liked each other, then they didn’t and then they did again, and for me the reasoning behind these switches was not really good.

I also did not really like Cat at all, she felt really good about herself and thought everyone should feel bad for her even though the other probably had a way worse life then her.

Most of the plot twists were unexpected and the plot twist at the end was really good!

So if I way out all the good and the ‘bad’ parts I will probably not end up with 4 stars, but I was so pleasantly surprised (especially because the other reviews were so bad) by this book that I think it deserves it!

I don’t expect to read the other books in this series. This book wrapped up really nicely, so I think the other books will follow other characters. And I don’t feel the need to continue, but maybe in the future!


Recommend for:

A book with not a lot of romance.

If you want to read more sci-fi, this will be a good one since it only contains a little bit of sci-fi.

Come talk to me!

What was a book you were pleasantly surprised by?

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