Review – The art of French kissing

Title: The art of French kissing

Author: Brianna R. Shrum

Format: Ebook

Page count: 180 (paperback version: 256)

Chapter length: 5-7 pages on my e-reader

Series: stand-alone

Rating: 3.5 stars


WARNING: this book makes you hungry!!

What is it about?

This book is about 17 year old Carver, who wants to become a chef. In the beginning of this book she is accepted to participate in a cooking competition to win a scholarship and a place in one of the best cooking schools. Her she will compete other students in the summer break in Savannah. Her biggest challenge is her opponent Reid Yamada, who tries to screw her over during their first cooking-challenge. She, obviously, wants to take revenge. So this goes back and forth for a while. And of course the competition is still happening.


What I thought:

I like food, I like reading. Reading about food, yeah sure, but only if I’m actually allowed to eat as well haha!
So based in the title, you could actually already guess what was going to happen. But that didn’t take away all the fun.
I really liked that the competition part wasn’t forgotten about. Sometimes in these kind of books the romance parts takes over the story and in the end it is like, of wait we were in a competition and then randomly he main character wins. Not in this book, okay in some parts the competition part was not that strong, but it was there. You knew how far into the competition we were.
I really enjoy the hate to love romances, but I don’t really get why they hate each other in the first place. I mean yes Reid screws her over during the first challenge, but I don’t get WHY?? And why do they need to take it so far, they all apologised, so why continue?? I did like how the hate flows over into the love relationship!
Also the ending felt a bit cut off? I wanted it to be a bit more elaborated..
So 3.5 stars because the beginning and the end were a bit weak in my opinion, competition part could have been stronger, but was already better than expected. But really like the hate to love relationship!


Extra points for:

  • The macaron paragraph dividers (SOMEONE PLEASE BRING ME SOME!!)
  • The cover!


Recommend for:
Someone in need of a fluffy, cute quick-read romance!


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