Review – The beauty of darkness

Title: The beauty of darkness

Author: Mary E Pearson

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Henry Holt and co

Page count: 679

Release day: 2nd August 2016

Series: The remnant chronicles #3

Rating: 3 stars


*Contains spoilers for book 1 and 2*


What is it about?

Lia has escaped from Venda and is now on her way back home. Which apparently means Dalbreck, the kingdom of Rafe. Once there Lia knows she needs to return to Morrighan to save them from an attack from Venda. Lia is not safe in Morrighan, since she is being seen as one of the worst criminal of the kingdom.

And of course there are Kaden and Rafe and his group of soldiers who try to save and help Lia.


What I thought:

Okay so to recap I loved Kiss of Deception, I was kind of surprised by how much I loved it. And then came heart of betrayal, and I was so disappointed, literally nothing happened and it was just boring. But I still wanted to read the third book, if only to have the series finished.

First of all, this book was so much better than book 2! Not as good as book 1, but it was definitely an improvement from book 2.

I really enjoyed that Lia was not dependent on anyone, and also gave woman more leading positions, so that everything was ruled by men! But she was still really arrogant and does not listen to other people, which is kind of annoying.

This book was more political than the previous two books which I really liked.

Normally I do not really care a lot about romance in fantasy, I especially don’t like it when it is not well developed. But in this book Lia’s love story is well developed, and is not rushed. Also I love Kaden and his story, he is cute 🙂 (I know he is an assassin..)

This book could have been so much shorter! I think 500 pages max would already have been enough, there were so many parts that were just dragging and a bit boring.

´Everyone deserves to be loved´


My recommendations:

Only read book 1, that was really good but in my opinion the other two books are not worth it.. Book 1 probably has a cliff hanger that I do not remember anymore, so then you still want to continue. But just be warned, book 2 and 3 are not as good as the first book.

Also E-book for the third book is probably easier to read than the physical book hhaha, it was so heavy..


Come talk to me!

In which series did you only like the first book?

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