Review – The bronze key

Title: The bronze key 

Author: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare 

Format: Audiobook 

Narrator: Paul Boehmer 

Publisher: Corgi 

Publisher Audiobook: RHCP 

Page count: 256 (8h and 31min) 

Release day: August 30rd 2016 

Series: Magisterium #3  

Rating: 3 stars 


*May contain spoilers for the iron trial and the copper gauntlet!* 


What is it about? 

At the start of this book Call, Aaron and Tamara get awards for their good deeds at the end of book two. After the celebrations they start their third (bronze) year at the magisterium. After the ending of their copper year they think this year will be more peaceful. They could not have been more wrong. This year is again full with mysteries, adventures and betrayal. 


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What I thought: 

I do have to say that all the books are kind of similar. I would have liked it if their would have been bigger differences between each book.  

But I still really liked it, they are just really easy to listen to when I’m walking/biking or at the gym 🙂 Also I listen to them at double speed so they only take like 4 hours each haha.  

I’m still a fan of the friend group but I’m sad that Jasper did not have a big role in this book, since I quite liked him in book 2.  

This book has some good humour! There were some sentences that I quite enjoyed: 

‘Girls love cat calendars’ – Jasper  

I don’t remember the exact quite (since I listened to the book, I can’t look it up), but it was something like this: 

‘School taught him that fire needs air to exist, but he forgot that humans need air to exist as well’ – Call.  

I will definitely listen to the fourth book soon, and the fifth when it releases on audiobook! 


Advise for: 

Middle grade readers, or older people who also enjoy middle grade books 🙂 

People who enjoy reading about magic school! And fans of Harry Potter (it is not the same as Harry potter!) 


Come talk to me! 

What was the last Middle grade series you really enjoyed? 

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