Review – The copper gauntlet

Title: The copper gauntlet

Author: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Paul Boehmer

Publisher: Corgi

Publisher Audiobook: RHCP

Page count: 272 (8h and 22min)

Release day: September 3rd 2015

Series: Magisterium #2

Rating: 3 stars


*May contain spoilers for The iron trial, see review here!*


What is it about?

This book starts in the summer break between the iron (first) and copper (second) year. Call believes that his father does not want him to return to the magisterium, so he runs away to Tamara’s place, where Aaron is as well. Together they return to the magisterium.

Back at the magisterium they learn that something bad will happen in the ‘outside world’. They feel like they have to warn the people involved, so they try to run away from the magisterium and end up in lots of adventures.


What I thought:

I really like that listening to this book is so easy! I listened to the first half in one sitting! (I listened to this book on double speed). I still really liked the characters in this book, they are just so easy to understand, most of the time at least. I also quite liked Jasper!! Even though I’m not sure if you are supposed too?! I do think the character development was a bit less in this book though.

I have to say that this book is not as special as book 1, since in that book everything is still new. And in this book, especially the first half almost nothing happened?! Also they did not really go to school in this book, and that’s what I really liked in book one. This book had a lot of other things though!

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A thing I find weird about this book is that it takes place in the modern world. That’s not on the book, that’s on me. But I prefer these kind of fantasy books not to take place in the modern world. I’m okay with it if it looks like our world, but it has to be kind off different. I did not like that they have phones and internet etc.

What I really liked about the first book is that Call is not the hero, but more standing besides the hero. He also is quite clumsy and does not really care about it. And that kinda changes in this book, so I was not a big fan of the ending.

I’m naming lots of negative points about this book, so I know 3 stars looks quite high. But I’m taking into consideration that I’m not the target group. So I think the beginning part of the book is less boring if you are in the target group!

I will continue this series, since I really enjoyed listening to the book! The narrator is really good!


Advise for:

Younger readers ± 12 years.

For older readers I would recommend listening to this on audiobook, since it listens really quickly!


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