Review – The dark prophecy

Title: The dark prophecy

Author: Rick Riordan

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Robbie Daymond

Publisher: Disney-hyperion

Publisher audiobook: Penguin books

Page count: 414 (12h 32min)

Release day: May 2nd 2017

Series: The trials of Apollo #2

Rating: 4 stars

*May contain spoilers for the hidden oracle, see my review here!*


What is it about?

I’m sorry this summary is so short.. I took it from Goodreads.

The second book in the the latest series from Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan. The god Apollo, stuck in the body of a teenage boy, must undergo the second of his trials to regain his immortality.


What I thought:

This book starts exactly where book one ended. So I’m really happy that I listened to this book really quickly after book 1. I think otherwise I would have been quite confused.

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I still really love the story, I really like Apollo and Meg! I really like how you see Apollo’s mindset slowly changing. I just really like the characters and the setting, and the general direction the book is taking! But I have to say that there were some parts were the book felt a little bit chaotic. Like a little bit too much was happening.. Idk how to explain it haha

The thing is, I absolutely loved the first book because it was so much better than that I had expected. But that meant that my expectations were really high for this book, and it just did not meet them.. I expected this book to be even better, but it was not..

That’s the main reason why I took a star.


I’m sorry this review is so short, I really should write my reviews earlier. Not after I already read the third book..


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