Review – The hidden oracle – New favourite Middle Grade!

Title: The hidden oracle

Author: Rick Riordan

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Robbie Daymond

Publisher: Disney-hyperion

Publisher audiobook: Penguin books

Page count: 376 (10h 34min)

Release day: May 3rd 2016

Series: The trials of Apollo #1

Rating: 5 stars


What is it about?

the god Apollo did something bad and his father Zeus sends him to earth.. To live as a human.. With acne..

On earth he has to serve the first demigod who claims him. And unfortunately for him that is Meg. They meet up with Percy Jackson and they decide to go to Camp Half-Blood. When they reach Camp Half-Blood after some complications they learn that camp is not as save as it used to be.

To save camp Half-Blood some demigods and hopefully Apollo’s god-status, Apollo and Meg go on an adventure to find the oracle.

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What I thought:

Oh yes! I loved this book immediately! The story was so good, so much humour and sarcasm.

I liked that this book is darker than his other series (at least the one that I read).

I really loved that we came back to Camp Half-Blood, and saw the old characters again.

I actually do not have to say so much about this book! It was just really amazing.

I can not wait for the sequel and will probably already have read it by the time this review goes online!

Rick Riordan is definitely my favourite Middle Grade author!


Advise for:

In case you did not notice I loved it and EVERYONE should read it!


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Who is your favourite Middle Grade novel?

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