Review – The oddling prince

Title: The oddling prince

Author: Nancy Springer

Format: E-arc (provided by NetGalley)

Publisher: Tachyon

Page count: 245

Release day: May 15th 2018

Series: Standalone

Rating: 2 stars


What is it about?

The king of Calidon is dying because of a cursed ring that can not be removed from his finger. Until a fey stranger saves his life, this stranger has a secret that could ruin the royal family. The future of the kingdom lies in the hands of two young men, Aric, heir to the throne, and Albaric, from noble origin but does not fit in this world.

This book is about the love and loyalty between brothers that goes above everything!


What I thought:

I do not really have much to say about this book but my main thought is..

… Boring?!

I feel bad about saying that because I was so excited for this book, but literally nothing exciting happens.. And everything that does happen is cut off, and because of that all the action scenes are really short..

I really liked the fact that there is a male main character in YA, since we do not have that often, I also really appreciated the bond between the brothers, even though it came a bit out of nowhere. And that’s the only reasone I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 ..


Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with this e-arc, all opinions are my own!


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