Review – The phoenix empress

Title: The phoenix empress

Author: K Arsenault Rivera

Format: E-arc

Publisher: torr

Page count: 396

Release day: October 9th 2018

Series: Their bright ascendency #2

Rating: 2 stars


*Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with this E-arc!*

This is book 2 in the series, check my review for book one here!


What is it about? (summary from GoodReads)

Since she was a child, the divine empress O Shizuka has believed she was an untouchable god. When her uncle, ruler of the Hokkaran Empire, sends her on a suicide mission as a leader of the Imperial Army, the horrors of war cause her to question everything she knows.

Thousands of miles away, the exiled and cursed warrior Barsalyya Shefali undergoes trials the most superstitious would not believe in order to return to Hokkaran court and claim her rightful place next to O Shizuka.

As the distance between disgraced empress and blighted warrior narrows, a familiar demonic force grows closer to the heart of the empire. Will the two fallen warriors be able to protect their home?


What I thought:

If you read my review for book one, then you know how much I loved that book. So I was really excited for this sequel, but it disappointed me so much! I did not like this one at all.

There were way too many new characters introduced with hard or similar names. I did not see the point of introducing them at the point where they were introduced, and when they were important I forgot who they were.

Also there were so many details, and I just did not care, so skipped over a lot.. And I have to say that I still understood the story, so I guess it was not that important to read everything haha.

In this book they again use the storytelling, which I enjoyed. But they started to switch between storytelling and current time and that confused me quite a bit.

Last complaint, I did not like Shizuka..

Reason for give 2 stars instead of one is Shefali, I really liked her character. And I liked who you could see her trying not to go bad. And I definitely read her chapters with more interest.

I’m pretty sure I will not continue this series..


Come talk to me!

What is your last disappointed sequel?

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