Review – The queen of Attolia

Title: The queen of Attolia

Author: Megan Whalen Turner

Format: E-book

Publisher: Greenwillow books

Page count: 297

Release day: April 26st 2000

Series: The queen’s thief #2

Rating: 3 stars

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What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

When Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis, stole Hamiathes’s Gift, the Queen of Attolia lost more than a mythical relic. She lost face. Everyone knew that Eugenides had outwitted and escaped her. To restore her reputation and reassert her power, the Queen of Attolia will go to any length and accept any help that is offered…she will risk her country to execute the perfect revenge.

Eugenides can steal anything. And he taunts the Queen of Attolia, moving through her strongholds seemingly at will. So Attolia waits, secure in the knowledge that the Thief will slip, that he will haunt her palace one too many times.

…at what price?
When Eugenides finds his small mountain country at war with Attolia, he must steal a man, he must steal a queen, he must steal peace. But his greatest triumph, and his greatest loss, comes in capturing something that the Queen of Attolia thought she had sacrificed long ago…

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My thoughts:

I don’t know what to think about this series anymore.. I like the idea of this book, but it is just not as amazing as I thought it would be..

The main problem is that, for both this one and book 1, I don’t really like the beginning and decide to stop the series. And then the ending happens and it’s amazing and really interesting and I want to know what happens next.. So again I will continue this series and hope it will be at the level of the ending of this one 🙂

So first of all this book had a great start, I was thinking ‘yes this is what I wanted!’. But then after the first 2/3 chapters the story became a bit boring in my opinion. Also at some point they started telling these stories about the gods, they were interesting but I did not really see the connection to the actual story? But maybe that’s just me.

Again maybe it’s just me, but I kept being so confused about who belonged to which country. And it is definitely possible that that’s why I’m not liking this book as much. Because the plotting becomes really confusing haha. Maybe I should make notes while reading the next book haha.

Even though it was a bit confusing to me, I loved the plotting, I think it is one of my favourite themes in books 🙂

Also Eugenides is THE BEST. And the couple that forms at the end of the book (not saying, no spoilers) might be THE reason I’m continuing on with this series. Also I’m loving the buddy read 🙂

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