Review – The silver mask

Title: The silver mask

Author: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Paul Boehmer

Publisher: Corgi

Publisher Audiobook: RHCP

Page count: 240 (7h and 14min)

Release day: October 10th 2017

Series: Magisterium #4

Rating: 4 stars


*May contain spoilers for The iron trial, the copper gauntlet and the bronze key, click on the names for my reviews!*


What is it about? (summary from GoodReads)

Callum Hunt’s life has fallen apart.

His friend is gone. The spy has escaped. His secret is out.

He is facing an existence behind bars, banished from the rest of the magical community for what he is – for what he might become.

But a shocking revelation has promised freedom – at a cost. Will he stay strong, and faithful to his friends and teachers? Or take the risk, and destroy everything he’s ever loved?

This fourth year at the Magisterium will be unlike anything else that has gone before . . .

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What I thought:

This book started of really interesting! Since it of course has some different setting compared to the previous three books. I think having a different setting was exactly what this series needed! If this book took place at the magisterium again, I would probably not have enjoyed this book so much.

I was not really a big fan of Call anymore after book three, but he did some things in this book, and now I like him better!

You can really see that all characters have developed since the first book. Especially because in this book all characters had to make some difficult decisions. And of course they did not always make the best choice, and I think that’s a good thing. In the first three books they always did the best thing, but now they did not. And that made the book feel more real!

I cannot wait for the last book to go up on my audiobook app! Since I really like listening to these books! The narrator is really good 🙂


Advice for:

Middle grade lovers! And middle graders of course haha


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