Review – The smoke thieves

Title: The smoke thieves

Author: Sally Green

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Daniel Weyman, Yasmin Paige, Asa Butterfield, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Charlie Anson.

Publisher audiobook: Penguin Books Ltd

Page count: 512 (13 hours and 18 minutes)

Release day: May 1st 2018

Series: the smoke thieves #1

Rating: 4 stars


What is it about?

So in this book we follow a couple different characters, a princess, a traitor, a soldier, a thief and a hunter.
In Brigant is Princess Catherine preparing herself for a political marriage, which is arranged by her father.
In Calidor March is seeking revenge.
In Pitoria Edyon is stealing just for the thrill.
In the northern territories Tash is playing bait for demons.
All these lives change and are linked with each other, war and magic. But the question is who will survive all of this..


What I thought:

‘OMG this book is A-MA-ZING’ ß that’s a thought that often went through my mind while listening to this fantastic audiobook!

Since this book is from multiple POV, it was a bit confusing in the beginning, especially because I was listening to this in audiobook and could not look back to the previous chapters. But once I learned all the characters, and began to see their connections I enjoyed this story so much!

I’ve read Sally Green’s Half bad trilogy, also listened on audiobook, what I also quite enjoyed. So when I saw she had another series published and this was also available on my audiobook app, I just decided to start listen immediately. And what a good choice was that!

I really like Sally Green’s writing and I think the writing in this book is even better than in the half bad trilogy!

I did really love this audiobook but I do think it would be nice if there was a map, so if there is a map in the book it would be nice listening to the book with taking glances at the map.

Also I loved all the characters, especially Marsh and Tash! I really liked the world building, and the narrators really fitted the story!

The reason I took one star is that the beginning was a bit confusing and the ending was a bit disappointing, since the book is really building up to something so you expect this book to end with a bang, and then it doesn’t.. So I guess I will just have to wait for the sequel!


Extra points for:

  • The cover!
  • The full cast of narrators!
  • Tash! I want to buy all the shoes as well J
  • Marsh!


Recommend for:

People who enjoyed her other series would definitely also enjoy this book!

If you did not like her other series you could still like this if you enjoy political fantasy, multiple POV, complicated relationships. And just read this, cause it’s amazing !


Come talk to me!

Which books you read had a disappointing ending?

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