Review – The unbinding of Mary Reade

Title: The unbinding of Mary Reade

Author: Miriam McNamara

Format: Ebook

Page count: 245 (hardcovers version: 336)

Chapter length: 3-4 pages on my ereader

Series: stand-alone

Rating: 2.5 stars


  What is it about:

This book is about Mary Reade who dressed up as a boy for her whole life, because her mother didn’t want a daughter but a son. Her grandmother thinks she has a grandson, instead of a granddaughter, and pays her to visit (as a boy). This is the only income she and her mother have. At some point she decides to join a privateer (?) ship, as a boy, with a friend of hers. At some point they are split up, and her goal is to find him again. She ends up in a fight with another ship; during the fight she sees that one of the attackers is actually a girl. So she decides to kill her own captain, and join this female pirate. The story takes off from there.


What I thought:

For a pirate book I expected a lot of action, in which this book really disappointed me..
This book starts in the middle of a fighting scene, which was great. And later on there was another small fighting scene, I would say may 35 pages total of action?
Besides those fighting scenes the book mainly focuses on all the love dynamics, which was still interesting but not what I wanted from this book.


Recommend for:

Readers who like romance, with not a lot of action.

This book contains bisexual representation. But also a lot of homophobia and sexism (which is accurate for the time, but be aware if you don’t like that).


This e-arc was kindly provided by NetGalley, all opinions are my own.


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  1. Aww no that’s so disappointing! I have this to read and I’m expecting lots of swashbuckling adventure?! So definitely not. *lowers expectations hugely*

    Cait @ Paper Fury says:
    1. Yeah my expectations for this were also wayyy to high..

      evelynreads says:

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