Review – Thunderhead

 Title: Thunderhead

Author: Neal Shusterman

Format: Paperback

Publisher: WalkerBooks

Page count: 515

Release day: January 9th 2018

Series: Arc of a scythe #2

Rating: 5 stars


*May contain spoilers for Scythe!*

See my review for book 1 here!


What is it about?

In this book we follow Citra as she is Scythe Anastasia for a year. And we follow Rowan while he is on the run for the scythedom and also taking care of corrupt scythe’s.

Because of the events in Scythe the scythedom starts to split in new- & old-order scythe’s. So basically the scythe’s who enjoy killing and those who don’t.

Citra’s life is being threatened as she is one of the newest old-order scythe. As the story progresses it becomes clear something truly terrifying is about to happen.

And obviously the Thunderhead sees everything, but can and will he interfere?


What I thought:

Holy crap, Neal Shusterman is officially a new favourite author!

Okay I have to say that I liked Scythe a little bit better, but this book was still really amazing.

The main reason why I preferred Scythe over Thunderhead, is that some parts were a little bit slow and I sometimes lost my focus. Also there were some new characters introduced/side characters became more important, and it took quite a while before I liked them or got the point of their story. I am talking about Tyger and Greyson. I am still a bit dubious about Greyson, but I am determined to like him because of the last chapter, but also I read somewhere that he would have a big role in the third book, so I will have to like him haha.

That’s all for the negative part!

The fact that I read Thunderhead in the same week as Scythe says something about how much I love this series. I almost never read series back to back, I normally read quite some books in between and now I read one other book in between book 1 and 2! And I am actually sad that I did that because book three does not even have a release date yet..

This book was just full of surprises! Every time I thought I had the story figured out something unexpected happened!

Neal Shusterman must have a brilliant mind if he can set up a world like this!

I don’t even know what to say any more about this book, it was just so amazing!

Advise for:

Again just like for Scythe, I advise this book for everyone!

This book/series is great for dystopian/futuristic lovers!


Come talk to me!

What is the lasts series you read back-to-back?

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