Review – To kill a kingdom

Title: To kill a kingdom

Author: Alexandra Christo

Format: Audiobook

Publisher: Hot Key books

Publisher audiobook: Audible

Narrators: Jacob York and Stephanie Willis

Page count: 358 (12 hours)

Release day: 6th March 2018

Series: Standalone

Rating:  3 stars


What is it about?

In this book there are sirens and mermaids.

This book is about Lira, the daughter of the siren queen. Every siren has to take a human heart once a year on their birthday. Lira made it her goal to only take hearts from human princes, to prove she is the best of the best. Something happens which makes the siren queen punish Lira and transform her into the thing she hates the most.

This book is also about Elian, the future king of one of the biggest kingdoms. He is also a pirate with as goals to kill sirens, especially the Siren Queen. Elian rescues a drowning woman from the sea, who turns out to be more than he first thought. She promises to help him get rid of the Siren Queen.

Who can he trust, and how many deals does he have to make to achieve his goal?


What I thought: 

I had really high expectations for this book, I was really excited for this dark Siren story. And dark it definitely was!

But this book was sooo predictable, after like three chapters I predicted the ending.. Which I personally did not like at all, I love when I ‘predicted’ the ending and I’m totally wrong, but that was not the case this time.

For a really long time I preferred Lira’s story over Elian’s story, but after a while Lira got a bit annoying..

I was actually surprise how Lira and Elian’s story become one story, I expected something else, so that’s good

Some notes I made:

  • Lira is stupid
  • I’m confused
  • Huh, okay did not expect that
  • Wow interesting

My thoughts literary went everywhere while reading this book!

Even though I predicted the ending, there were still parts I was surprised with, and I really enjoyed the way to the ending! But there definitely also parts I did not really enjoy.

So conclusion: a bit disappointing read but I still enjoyed it for what it was.


Recommend for:

If you want to read some dark fairytale, a somewhat easier book.


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