Review – Vicious

Title: Vicious

Author: VE Schwab

Format: Hardcover


Page count: 364

Series: Villains #1

Rating: 5 stars


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What is it about?

Victor and Eli are friends in college and are both researching adrenaline, near-death experiences and super-natural events for their thesis. They think that in the right circumstances people can become ExtraOrdinary. When they start testing their theories something goes wrong and they become enemies.


What I thought:

As you could see from my description of this book, I have a hard time describing the book. I did not know what this book was about going into it, and I think that is the best way the go into this book. I mean all I needed to know is that it is written by VE Schwab, she is just the best and I will read everything she writes! I am so excited for the sequel to be released at the end of September!

I think reviewing books you loved is way harder than books you did not like or are just average. I just loved it and everyone should read!

For some reason I did expect this book to take place in the past, not sure why, so I was a bit confused in the beginning when they started talking about phones and laptops.

I loved the amount of background that we got from every character, so you knew how and why they were in the story. I also loved that we saw both Eli and Victor’s perspective and could understand why they thought the other one was the ‘bad guy’.

In the beginning I was not really interested in Sydney’s story, but as the book progressed I really enjoyed her part in the book!

I just love Schwab’s world, characters and writing and will absolutely read everything she writes!


Recommend for:

Everyone! This book is amazing.

It is kind a mystery, supernatural, so if you’re up for that definitely read! Also if you’ve loved any of Schwab’s other work definitely read this!


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