Review – wayfarer

Title: Wayfarer

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Format: E-book

Page count: 516

Chapter length: `20 pages

Series: Duology, passenger #2

Rating: 1 stars


What is it about? (contains spoilers for book 1!)

In the first book Henrietta, Etta, finds out she can travel through time. At the end of the first book Etta loses the one thing that can protect the timeline and her friends. In the beginning of this book she finds herself in a place and time unknown to her, and she get help from someone she least expected it from, Julian Ironwood, who’s presumed dead. At the same time we’re also following Nicholas and Sophia, who are travelling trough time to find Etta and the astrolabe. While they are both trying to find their way back to each other, time keeps changing, so not everything happens as it is supposed to.


What I thought:

Okay so it really pains my heart to give this book 1 star, since I really enjoyed Alexandra Bracken other series, the darkest minds. I also was not a really big fan of the first book but I really wanted to read this because one I would have finished a series, and two as I already mentioned I enjoyed her other series.

Since I was not a big fan of Passenger it took some time before I started reading this one, I think I read it last October so there were around 7 months in between. So for that reason I need books with a short recap in the beginning so I can remember what happened in the previous book(s). This book does not have that, which means I did not even remembered the name of the main character when I started this book.. (Which is, I know, mostly my own fault since I could have read this book earlier). But after a while I understood again what I was reading, and remembered the last book.

The things I did not like:

  • Too confusing for my liking
  • The storyline did grab my attention (I kept finding myself doing other stuff instead of reading)
  • I did not like any of the characters.. (There was a point were I liked Li Min, but she did not keep the characteristics that I liked throughout the whole book.)
  • Book was too long, so some parts were kind off dragging.

But since I did really enjoy her other series, I do think I will read other books from her if she writes more YA.


Recommend for:            

If you, despite my review, decide to read this I would definitely recommend to read both books more closely after each other, so you won’t forget everything in the meantime.

I think you would enjoy this duology more if you know somewhat about history, since this makes the understanding of what is happening in which timeline easier.

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Have you read anything from Alexandra Bracken? What did you think?

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