Sabriel – Audiobook review!

Title: Sabriel.

Author: Garth Nix.

Format: Audiobook.

Publisher: Harper Collins.

Page count: 491 (10h 45min).

Release day: May 1995.

Genre: YA, Fantasy.

Rating: 3 stars.

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Sabriel is the daughter of the Mage Abhorsen. Ever since she was a tiny child, she has lived outside the Wall of the Old Kingdom–far away from the uncontrolled power of Free Magic, and away from the Dead who won’t stay dead. 

But now, her father is missing and Sabriel is called upon to cross into the world to find him, Leaving the safety of the school she has known as home, Sabriel embarks upon a quest fraught with supernatural dangers, with companions she is unsure of–for nothing is as it seems within the boundary of the Old Kingdom. There, she confronts an evil that threatens much more than her life, and comes face to face with her hidden destiny.

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My thoughts:

I’ve been wanting to read this book for quite a while since I kept hearing great things about it. And honestly I was a bit let down. I expected it to be a masterpiece, but I didn’t think it was that special..

I really liked the concept of her taking over her fathers role, without really knowing anything about it. I liked how we learned a lot together with Sabriel.

The magic system in this book was quite interesting. I really like books with Necromancy! Parts of this book that I really liked were the parts that took place in the world of the Dead, the usage of the bells, and just the magic in general!

I feel a bit dubious about Sabriel, I was liking her in the end, but it took me a while! I just had a hard time connecting with her. She is a tough, smart and kind character, but she does not really develop throughout the story.

Another thing I was not a big fan of was the insta-love. As soon as the male character was introduced, you just knew it was going to happen.. I did like that he was the first one to admit he had feelings! That is a nice change! But still I just don’t think romance was necessary in this book.

I think my main problem came from listening to the audiobook. Not too many exciting things were happening, so I would get distracted, and miss parts, and then be confused. I know this is also partly my own fault, but the book just did not always grab my attention.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

6 Replies to “Sabriel – Audiobook review!”

  1. That’s such a shame. I really loved this book, but I’ve never listened to the audiobook of it. If it helps, the second book, Lirael is set a good 15-20 years after Sabriel… you know, just in case you want to continue the series!

    1. I do want to continue! I keep hearing that many people liked lirael better, but I would go for the physical book instead of the audiobook!

      Evelynreads says:
    1. I keep hearing that! I guess I should try that one out at some point!

      Evelynreads says:
  2. Sabriel is one of my favorite YA books. When I first read it, I fell in love with the world of the Old Kingdom and the necromancy. I think Nix is a really great author. I didn’t have the same issues, but everyone reads books differently, and different things appeal to people, which makes for some great diversity when it comes to books! I’m sad you didn’t love it, but I’m glad you read it!

    1. You’re totally right, it’s great to see people loving different books!

      Evelynreads says:

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