The storm runner – review!

Title: The storm runner. Author: JC Cervantes. Format: Hardcover from library. Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents (Disney Hyperion). Page count: 402. Release day: September 18th 2018. … Continue reading..The storm runner – review!

Seafire – audiobook review

Title: Seafire. Author: Natalie C Parker. Format: Audiobook. Publisher: Razorbill. Page count: 374. Release day: August 28th 2018. Genre: YA, fantasy, pirates. Rating: 4 stars. … Continue reading..Seafire – audiobook review

Aru Shah and the end of time – Review!

Title: Aru shah and the end of time. Author: Roshani Choski. Format: Paperback from library. Publisher: Scholastic. Page count: 343. Release day: March 27th 2018. … Continue reading..Aru Shah and the end of time – Review!

The Poet X – audiobook review

Title: The Poet X. Author: Elizabeth Acevedo. Format: Audiobook. Publisher: HarperTeen. Page count: 368. Release day: March 6th 2018. Genre: YA, contemporary, poetry. Rating: 3 … Continue reading..The Poet X – audiobook review

Undead girl gang (audiobook review!)

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Wildcard! (review)

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The devil’s thief! (review)

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Two short audiobook reviews!

I recently listened to two short audiobooks, and don’t have enough to say about them to make a whole review about them. So I thought … Continue reading..Two short audiobook reviews!