Windwitch – Favourite series!

Title: Windwitch. Author: Susan Dennard. Format: Paperback. Publisher: Tor. Page count: 459. Release day: January 10th 2017. Genre: YA, fantasy. Rating: 5 stars. Be aware … Continue reading..Windwitch – Favourite series!

Crown of feathers – NEW FAVOURITE!

Title: Crown of feathers. Author: Nicki Pau-Preto. Format: Audiobook. Publisher: Simon Pulse. Page count: 496 (17h 20min) Release day: February 12th 2019. Genre: YA, fantasy. … Continue reading..Crown of feathers – NEW FAVOURITE!

Soul of the sword – Amazing sequel!

Title: Soul of the sword. Author: Julie Kagawa. Format: Hardcover. Publisher: Inkyard press. Page count: 425. Release day: June 25th 2019. Genre: YA, fantasy, mythology. … Continue reading..Soul of the sword – Amazing sequel!

With the fire on high & the cold is in her bones (review)

I’m doing another combined review. I wanted to talk about both of these books, but I actually don’t have too much to say about them. … Continue reading..With the fire on high & the cold is in her bones (review)

We are okay – I loved it!

Title: We are okay. Author: Nina LeCour. Format: Paperback from library. Publisher: Dutton books for young readers. Page count: 234. Release day: February 14th 2017. … Continue reading..We are okay – I loved it!

Do you dream of Terra two? – Favourite!

Title: Do you dream of terra two? Author: Temi Oh. Format: Ebook. Publisher: Simon and Shuster. Page count: 458. Release day: March 7th 2019. Genre: … Continue reading..Do you dream of Terra two? – Favourite!

The fever king – Loved it!

Title: The fever king. Author: Victoria Lee. Format: Earc. Publisher: Skyscape. Page count: 384. Release day: March 1st 2019. Genre: YA, dystopia, fantasy (contains MM … Continue reading..The fever king – Loved it!

Queen of air and darkness – Review

Title: Queen of air and darkness Author: Cassandra Clare Format: Audiobook Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio Page count: 912 Release day: December 4th 2018 Series: … Continue reading..Queen of air and darkness – Review

NEW FAVOURITE – The last magician (review)

Title: The last magician Author: Lisa Maxwell Format: Audiobook Publisher: Simon&shuster audio Page count: 512 (16h 7min) Release day: 18 July 2017 Series: The last … Continue reading..NEW FAVOURITE – The last magician (review)