The perfect date – ARC review!

Title: The perfect date.

Author: Evelyn Lozada.

Format: E-arc.

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin.

Page count: 288 pages.

Release day: June 11th 2019.

Genre: Contemporary, romance.

Rating: 2 stars.

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What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Angel Gomez only wants to get through nursing school and earn enough to support her mother and her son, Jose. Her bartending job helps bring in some extra cash, and the last thing she’s interested in is flirting or men in general.

Caleb “The Duke” Lewis is an up and coming star for the Yankees, known for getting around. However, his last breakup left him distracted and made him turn to drink. When he’s caught by the Yankees manager at a party instead of training, he’s suspended and sent back to the Bronx to get his head straight.

Angel and Duke’s worlds collide one night at the club and sparks fly. Though Angel wants nothing to do with Duke, he has no intention of letting her slip through his fingers. She isn’t star-struck by his fame, and this might be just what he needs to get things in order. He’ll do anything to convince her…even make her an offer she can’t refuse.

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My thoughts:

I was quite excited about this one when I started, since I just finished a dense book and this sounded like an easy and quick read. Which it was. But I was still quite disappointed in this one.

I don’t know what I expected, from the summary you know that the love interest is someone famous. But I did not like that aspect of the book at all. Or more specific how Angel acted towards him, and because of him. In the beginning of the book we learn that Angel is this strong independent teen mom. She is about to get her nurse diploma, get a good job, and create a great life for her son. Then this famous baseball player comes around and everything changes.. I don’t like that at all!

I really liked how in the beginning of thee book they were showing that being a teen mom can turn out in a good way. Angel was putting her son before everything, but her son became less and less present towards the end.

What I really did not like is that Angel started to feel bad for him, and was putting her own problems aside. Like yes some bad things were happening in his life, but that doesn’t mean her problems, which were created by him, were not important.

I don’t like it when people totally disregard there own problems/life for this love interest that’s been in there life for 2 days..

So by the ending I was quite annoyed by him and didn’t like the ending..

This rating is given because I did like the beginning couple of pages. And her son was quite. And she had a really good friendship with this girl, and I think I liked her better than the main character!

What is a thing in books you do not enjoy?

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  1. That’s such a shame about how Angel started behaving. Hopefully the next book is better!!

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