The way of kings part 1!

Title: The way of kings part 1.

Author: Brandon Sanderson.

Format: Paperback from library.

Publisher: Gollancz.

Page count: 592.

Release day: May 1st 2011.

Genre: Adult, high fantasy.

Rating: 4 stars.

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

Speak again the ancient oaths,

Life before death.

Strength before weakness.

Journey before destination.

And return to men the shards they once bore.

The knights radiant must stand again.

Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground. Cities are built only where the topography offers shelter.

It has been centuries since the fall of the ten consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain: mystical swords and suits of armor that transform ordinary men into near-invincible warriors. Men trade kingdoms for Shardblades. Wars are fought for them, and won by them.

One such war is about to swallow up a soldier, a brightlord and a young woman scholar.

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My thoughts:

I took me so long to pick up another Sanderson book, since they are kinda daunting to me!

But I did it! And I’m so happy I did! I really liked this one! And this is actually only the first half of the first book, since it is so long haha.

I absolutely love the world he build in this one! And I’m really surprised by how he can create such a different world from mistborn! I would have expected there to be some overlap, since he had already created a world. But nothing like that, they are really distinct.

The actual world is interesting, so far we only got ‘introduce’ to some countries and they were all so interesting. And I hope we’re going to meet more in all the other books that still have to come!

I also really really liked the characters! I was most interested in Kaladin’s story, and towards the end of the book I became more and more intrigued by Jasnah and her ward (I forgot her name already, something with an S..).

I really liked the magic, with the stormlight, but I’m still a bit confused by it all. That basically the reason why I took a star. Since it was barely explained?! But also it was not present that much, so idk, I hope we get more from it in the second part!

I’m really excited to continue with book one part two soon! But I guess I don’t have to hurry since there will be 10 books in this series and so far only 3 have been released.. So still a long way to go!

If you haven’t read this one yet, please pick it up! It is great! If you haven’t read any Sanderson, please please do, he writes amazingly!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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  1. It’s funny that this book was split into two in certain places. I ordered the US version which was all in one book. I love this series and need to catch up.Lynn 😀

    1. Haha yes, guess they want you to spend more money.. I also need to continue!

      Evelynreads says:

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