The way of kings part 2!

Title: The way of kings part 2.

Author: Brandon Sanderson.

Format: E-book.

Publisher: Gollancz.

Page count: 482.

Release day: 2010.

Genre: Adult, Fantasy.

Rating: 4 stars.

*This is part 2 of book 1! (see my review for part one here!)*

What is it about? (Summary from GoodReads)

According to mythology mankind used to live in The Tranquiline Halls. Heaven. But then the Voidbringers assaulted and captured heaven, casting out God and men. Men took root on Roshar, the world of storms. And the Voidbringers followed …

They came against man ten thousand times. To help them cope, the Almighty gave men powerful suits of armor and mystical weapons, known as Shardblades. Led by ten angelic Heralds and ten orders of knights known as Radiants, mankind finally won.

Or so the legends say. Today, the only remnants of those supposed battles are the Shardblades, the possession of which makes a man nearly invincible on the battlefield. The entire world is at war with itself – and has been for centuries since the Radiants turned against mankind. Kings strive to win more Shardblades, each secretly wishing to be the one who will finally unite all of mankind under a single throne.

On a world scoured down to the rock by terrifying hurricanes that blow through every few days is a young spearman, forced into the army of a Shardbearer, led to war against an enemy he doesn’t understand and doesn’t really want to fight.

What happened deep in mankind’s past?

Why did the Radiants turn against mankind, and what happened to the magic they used to wield?

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My thoughts:

I should have read this second part right after part one! There is no introduction at all in the second part, so I was a bit lost in the beginning. I mean it makes sense that there was no introduction, since the book was literary split in half. The reason why I didn’t immediately read is, is because I wanted the physical book, but I could get it from my library after I moved away, so that didn’t happen. So I finally convinced myself to just pick up the ebook! And I’m happy I did!

Even though I probably won’t read any Sanderson books on ebook anymore! All his books have complex magic systems, and for me it is necessary to look all the things up. All the magic is explained at the back of the book, but it is not very practical to keep going to the back of an ebook. But that is just a practical problem haha.

Again I absolutely loved this! I was interested in all the characters stories. Especially Kaladin’s story, I kept being the most interested in his. But all the others were also really good and interesting, and definitely important for the overall story!

I loved the world, I loved how we got to learn more about the magic and the different ‘kind’ of people (don’t know how to word myself better here..)

There was so much action in this book, compared to part 1, I loved it! I just loved this book and don’t know how to express it properly!

The reason for taking a star is that I’m still a bit confused by the magic system, and how it works!

At the end of the book there are so many questions raised, and I can’t wait to continue on the series to find out the answers!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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