Top 10 Tuesday – Books I don’t want anyone to touch!

About the meme:

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, but is now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl! The read more about this meme, look at this page!

This week’s meme is Books I don’t want anyone to touch. Honestly I don’t mind that much, I would lend most of my books out to anyone, assuming they will treat them normally. I don’t dog ear my books, if the person who lends my book does it in my books, I will be annoyed but everyone will stay alive (and next time I will probably tell them not to). I guess what I want to say is that I don’t mind that my books look read, go crack the spines! But of course everyone feel differently about that! BUT there are a small amount of books that I prefer not to lend to anyone:

  1. My penguin clothbound collection! I guess I could list them all separately, then I will definitely make 10 haha. I list these mainly because holding these because sometimes already ruins the pattern. The pattern is just ‘painted’ on the cover (or something) so if you hold the book to long in the same place it comes off..
  2. My puffin children’s classic collection, I just love these so much!
  3. My Harry Potter in different languages! These will just be really hard to get again, if ruined! And they are connected to vacation memories!
  4. My Harry Potter illustrated books, I’m just afraid these are too fragile haha

I guess that’s it? There are not too many ahah, and I could be convinced the lend these out, but it has to be a good story!

How do you feel about lending out your books?

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  1. Great post! What languages do you have Harry Potter in? I’ve picked up some of my favorite books (the 1st HP, Outlander, and Pride & Prejudice) in Hebrew while spending time in Israel, but I love the idea of adding additional versions of Harry Potter while traveling!

    1. Yess I love that way of collecting! I started with Dutch, since that is my mother tongue. Then bought English since I don’t read in Dutch anymore haha. And during my travels I collected Gallic, Portuguese, Italian, Estonian, Danish, Russian and Chinese! And I got an Ukrainian version from a friend 🙂
      And I have some traveling plans for the summer, so I hope to expanded even further 🙂

      Evelynreads says:

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