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About the meme:

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This week’s meme is first ten books I reviewed. I didn’t review many books on Goodreads before I started my blog, often just a sentence or two. So I think I will list my first reviews on my blog and see what I think about them now!

  1. The unbinding of Mary Reade. HAHA instead of two sentences on Goodreads I did four sentences?! But I do think I explained my thoughts okay, but I’m happy I did improve!
  2. Mistborn trilogy. Okay okay, already some improvement! But honestly I wrote this review just because I wanted to post something new on my blog haha, and I would say you can kind of see that haha.
  3. Leah on the offbeat. I remember being so proud of myself when I wrote this! I can still see why, but it is a bit all over the place haha.
  4. The art of French kissing. It’s getting better ahah (But there are a bit too many typos in my opinion).
  5. A closed and common orbit. So this was my first ‘negative’ review. I was kinda scared about posting it haha, but I think a described nicely what I thought.
  6. The fates divide. Wtf is this.. I don’t even understand myself hahahah….
  7. Neverwhere. I had such a hard time writing this, since it is such a weird book. This review is literary one paragraph.. And doesn’t really explain anything at all..
  8. Wayfarer. Oh another negative review. Okay this one is actually not so bad, nice use of bullet points!
  9. The wicked deep. Reading this review makes me want to reread the book! I loved it so much! Also the review is quite okay!
  10. The smoke thieves. Oh the reviews are finally getting longer. I think I explained quite nicely what I thought about this one!

Lately I’ve been excusing myself for ‘short’ reviews, but they are still longer then most of these haha. In my opinion my reviews have definitely improved since my first reviews, I hope you guys agree haha!

Do you ever look back at old reviews?

4 Replies to “TTT – First books I reviewed”

  1. This week’s topic was fun — I really haven’t looked back at older reviews in a long time, but it’s definitely entertaining! Even though I’ve read Neverwhere a couple of times, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed it. It’s an amazing book, but some books, I just have no idea what to even say about them. 🙂

    1. Yes I struggle sometimes with that! I think I also say that in that review haha!

      Evelynreads says:
  2. YES!! I always say that my review for Godsgrave was the worst because all I remember was that I just started babbling in the middle of it about incest and Game of Thrones (nothing to do with Godsgrave), but I went back and reread it the other month… and it was better than I remember!!

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