Weekly wrap up – June 17 to 23

What I read this week: (Spoiler: A LOT)

Seafire – Natalie C Parker (audio) – 4 stars! I enjoyed this way more then that I expected!

Bloody Seoul – Sonia Parker (e-arc) – 2 stars! Did not like this at all..

The storm runner – JC Cervantes – 2.5 stars! This was a bit disappointing to me..

Norwegian woods – Haruki Murakami – 5 stars! I absolutely loved this!

Freedom – Margaret Atwood – 4 stars! This was basically just the start of Handmaiden’s tale.

Howl’s moving castle – Diana Wynne Jones – 3 Stars! I’m happy I read this, but didn’t feel to much about it.

Alchemists of Loom – Elise Kova (audio) – 4 stars! I was happily surprised by this one!

Emerald Green – Kiersten Gier – 5 stars! As usual! I just really like this series!

What I’m currently reading:

I’m again in the situation that I’m reading nothing while writing this (Sunday evening), so I’m not sure what I will start later tonight haha. But most probably the promised neverland by Kaiu Shirai (manga). And my next audiobook is most probably the Crown of feathers by Nicki Pau Preto.

Reviews I posted:

Renegades – Marissa Meyer

The Poet X – Elizabeth Acevedo

Aru Shah and the end of time – Roshani Choski

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Books I bought/received:

Freedom – Margaret Atwood

The promised Neverland – Kaiu Shirai

Emerald green – Kiersten Gier (library)

Other things:

When this is posted I’m actually just leaving the city I’ve been living in for the last 10 months 🙁

I will spend a couple of days in Tallinn and then fly back home!

So I’m not sure how active I will be this coming week, since I will be walking around the city, and when I’m home I will spend time with my friends and family!

What did you read this week?

4 Replies to “Weekly wrap up – June 17 to 23”

  1. Glad to hear you liked Seafire. I keep hearing mixed thoughts about so I’ve been a bit wary of starting it. Looks like you had a good week

    1. I really did like it! I hope you had a great week as well!

      Evelynreads says:
  2. That is a lot of reading – almost a book a day. I don’t know how you do it :DHope this week’s reading is good to you.Lynn 😀

    1. I also don’t know how I did it haha! Some of them were really short though! I hope you have a great reading month as well!

      Evelynreads says:

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