What I plan on reading in October!

I have no idea how much time I will have to read this month, since I do have some test and assignments, and my family comes to visit 🙂 


But I would really like to read the following books: 

  • Crazy Rich Asians – I’m next in line for the book from the library, so I’m really hoping to get it soon! 

    @Evelynreads on Instagram
  • Godsgrave – I just can’t wait to continue this series, I do think this book will take me quite a while to read. Nevernight was already quite dense in my opinion, and I think that will continue into Godsgrave. 
  • What if it’s us – I hope to be able to read it this month! I have it pre-ordered but I don’t know how long after release date it will arrive. 
  • Nyxia – Just because I want to. 
  • I also really should read some of my e-arcs – I have harmonies of war, the phoenix empress, a curse so dark and lonely and some more.  
  • Lady’s guide to petticoats and piracy – I hope my audiobook app will have it soon! 
  • Of course I want to read Kingdom of ash – but realistically I think I will read it in November. 
  • I also should read a classic – I think I will just see what I find in the library, maybe some Dickens or a little princess 🙂 


Other plans: 

  • Don’t stress about reading!! – I keep thinking that I don’t read ‘enough’, even though I know it’s nonsense.  
  • Try to review everything I read 🙂 
  • Enjoy my time, and don’t stress too much in general! 
  • Try to review the books sooner after I read them, or make more notes so it’s easier.  


New releases I (also) would like to read (someday): 

2/10 – Muse of nightmares – Laini Taylor (I have not yet read strange the dreamer..) 

@Evelynreads on Instagram – Im so excited to complete this series.

2/10 – The lady’s guide to petticoats and piracy – Mackenzi Lee.

2/10 – shadow of the fox – Julie Kagawa. 

2/10 – dry – Neal Shusterman. 

2/10 – a map of days – Ranson Riggs.

2/10 – sawkill girls – Claire Legrand.

2/10 – saga vol. 9 – Brian K Vaughan.

2/10 – damsel – Elana K Arnold.

2/10 – the lost sisters – Holly Black.

9/10 – what if it’s us – Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera.

23/10 – Kingdom of ash – Sarah J Maas. 


Obviously the second of October is THE day of releases! Can’t wait! 


Come talk to me! 

What are your October reading plans? What releases are you looking forward to?

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