What I read during my vacation!

My reading during this vacation was weird haha. I travelled for 3 weeks, and did not expect to read much during the first 2 weeks since I was travelling with a friend. And as expected I read approximately 2 books. After this I travelled alone a bit and then I met up with my parents, and thought I would read quite a bit, since I was on a camping. This I definitely did.

It will probably look like I read quite a bit, but I felt so slumpy this whole vacation. Probably because I read so much in the beginning of July, and I was just tired of reading. I kept having to ‘force’ myself to pick up books, and I gave them all quite mediocre ratings. Those things are probably related haha.

But at least I have a good start to my NEWTs!

Do you want to start a scandal by Tessa Dare – 3 stars. I thought this was an easy read for during my travels, which it definitely was. But this was not my favourite Tessa Dare that I’ve read!

The last life of prince Alastor by Alexandra Bracken – DNF. I was just not feeling this at all, I just didn’t care and wanted to read something I did actually enjoy.. I might still pick this up at some later point!

*Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire – 3 stars. I’m so happy I finally read this! My friend kept recommending this to me, and now I understand why! I’m still a bit confused, but everything might get clearer when I continue the series.

*Dragons of Nova by Elise Kova – 3 stars (audio). I was so pleasantly surprised by the first book, so I was so excited to read this. It was not as good as book one, but I’m still eager to continue this series soon!

*The thousand steps by Helen Brain – 3 stars. The prologue of this book was so good! The rest of the book did not quite life up to it though!

*The woods by RL Toalson – 3.5 stars. This book has a really heavy topic for a middle grade book! This was a good book, but just a bit too long!

*Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe – 1 star. I didn’t know I could hate a book this much! I don’t even know why I finished it. (weel I do, I wanted to pass my NEWTs!)

*Spellslinger by Sebastien De Castell – 4 stars. And then finally I read I book I quite liked! This was different than that I expected, but really good, and I can’t wait to continue!

The fifth season by NK Jemisin – 4 stars. This book was weird, but I enjoyed it so much! I couldn’t really tell you what happened, but I definitely recommend this!

Books with * get a review at some point! Just need some time to type everything out! (Robison Crusoe gets a First impression post!)

But when I arrived home I was not quite finished with all my reads, I’m still reading:

Lifelike by Jay Kristoff (audio). I’m happy I’m finally reading this, but it is so different from what I expected from Kristoff, not too sure what I think about it yet!

The book of spirits and thieves by Morgan Rhodes. Again so happy I’m finally reading this! I love The falling kingdom series, so it’s ice that we get more. But again this is so different from what I expected, I did not know this took place in the ‘modern’ time.

Okay I literary typed this as soon as I came home, so it ca be uploaded tomorrow morning. But now I’m about to pass out, so this is it for now!

Happy reading!

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  1. I’m very curious about where you traveled to. There are some good covers in this stack. I think The Fifth Season is on my TBR.

    1. Haha I totally did not say that
      I went to Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana 🙂

      Evelynreads says:
  2. I’m so glad you read Rosemary & Rue! I love that series so much, and it gets better and better with each book. Looks like you did a ton of reading while you were on vacation!!

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