What I think about audiobooks!

Lately I’m listening to soo many audiobooks! So why not talk about them!

When I was younger we sometimes listened to audiobooks while we were in the car driving to another country for vacation. At some point we stopped, and I did not listen to audiobook until the end of 2016.

That’s when I learned a lot about the ‘book’ community, I learned about booktube and bookstagram and became obsessed haha. On booktube there is a lot of talk about audiobooks, and I get interested. I knew my family had an account on Storytell (Dutch audiobook app), so I decided to just try one out. I started with listening to Ready Player One, and really loved it! But it took my sooo long before I finished an audiobook; this was before the time I learned you could change the speed of the audiobook. I also did not know when to listen, in that time I only travelled a short while before I was at my internship. This long time before I finished an audiobook was a bit demotivating for me, and I only listened to one book a month or something.

Then my schedule changed and I needed to bike 30 min to and from school, this increased the amount of audiobooks I listened to in a month by a lot. I still was not always in the middle of an audiobook, sometimes I just preferred to listen to music instead of a book.

But slowly I started to get really obsessed by audiobooks, and I learned you could change the speed of the audiobook, which I personally really enjoy. And now I’m always in the middle of an audiobook. I still sometimes listen to music instead of a book, but every time I do that I’m missing my book or something haha.


What I want from an audiobook:

  • Good narrator – If the narrator has an annoying voice I quickly stop listening to the book or I continue but find my thoughts wandering of quite a lot and have no clue what the book is actually about.
  • The voice has to fit the story – This has kinda to do with the first point, but even if the voice is not annoying but it does not fit the character
  • Book length – This is a really personal preference, but I find that if an audiobook is really long I lose my attention near the end of the book. So I would never listen to a book like Game of thrones..
  • Easy book – Another personal preference, but I sometimes lose my focus while listen to an audiobook, so I prefer it if the book is not too difficult, so that even if I forget to listen for a couple of minutes I still know what is going on. But I have to say recently I’ve started to listen to more fantasy books, which I qualify as ‘difficult’ for an audiobook.


Audiobooks I would like to listen to:

  • I’m currently working my through Rick Riordan books, I still have one Magnus Chase books and the Trials of Apollo series to go. Maybe after that I will listen to the Kane chronicles and the Heroes of Olympus, but for both of those I’m not sure if I want to read them.
  • I’ve listened to the first four books in the Talon series, and the audiobook for the fifth book will soon be on Storytell, so I will definitely listen to that!
  • Daughter of the pirate king and daughter of the siren queen, I’ve heard really good things about these audiobooks, so I’m quite excited for those.
  • The raven cycle, I’ve already read this series, but I feel like rereading so I thinking about trying out the audiobooks.
  • Magisterium series, idk why but I feel like listening to this series.
  • I also really feel like listening to Ace of Shades, again no significant reason.


But every time I scroll through the app there are new books I feel like listening to!


Come talk to me!

Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? What books do you listen too?

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