What I think about rereading books

So lately I feel like rereading all my favourite books!

So I thought I would talk about what I think about rereading books.

I love rereading books, I feel with every reread I learn something new from the book, or I remember details that I had forgotten. Sometimes rereading makes me think back to the moment I read the book for the first time which always makes me feel nostalgic! And maybe that’s exactly the reason why I want to reread so badly lately! I’m currently busy with graduating from my study, which for me is quite a stressful time, so maybe remembering more relaxed times are good right now

I have to say I’ve not reread a lot of books, I used to only reread the Harry Potter books and the Ruby Red trilogy (in Dutch) since I loved both of these series so much. And now that I say this I feel like reading ruby red haha!

But recently I have also reread the mortal instruments and the infernal devices, so I would remember everything before I started lady midnight (which I still have not done..). I also recently reread Anne of Green Gables and Mansfield park since those are my favourite classics. And also Simon vs the homosapiens agenda, since the movie is finally released in the Netherlands!! (OMG, that took them a long them). While I am writing this down I’m realising that I actually reread quite a lot recently haha, since I also reread Illuminea and Gemina to prepare myself for Obsidio!


Books I feel like rereading: 

  • Harry Potter, always! (I’m actually currently busy with rereading the series, I just finished book 5)
  • Six of crows duology, especially if a third book is going to be released (Then it is not really called a duology anymore ..)
  • The rest of us just live here (I listened to this on audiobook and absolutely loved it, so I would really like to read the physical book)
  • The raven cycle (I would love to listen to those on audiobook!)
  • As I just said I feel like rereading the ruby read trilogy
  • Leah on the offbeat
  • Dresscodes for small towns


I’ve heard some people say that rereading books should not count towards your reading goal, and of course everyone can have their own opinion about this, but I personally disagree with this. As I said earlier every time I read a book I learn something new from the book, I notice more details, so I would say it would count towards your goal.

Come talk to me!

Do you like rereading?


7 Replies to “What I think about rereading books”

  1. Haha, great idea! The movies are great, though, although I didn’t like the last one, it wasn’t really the original story!

    1. Wait they made movies of all three books???
      I thought it was only the firsst book! Now I definitely need to go and watch them! Or maybe first reread them!

      Evelynreads says:
  2. Oh, I used to love the Rubyred Series as I read them in the original language!! Did you watch the movies? They are originally in German but maybe they have synchronized them by now!

    1. To be honest I have no idea… I feel like I have but then I can’t remember anything.. So I think I should just watch it and then I will know if I watched it before 🙂

      Evelynreads says:

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